Mindful Training benefits the student athlete in the classroom & on the field!

Meet Ben Carnes. Ben is a teacher and coach at Westfield Middle School and the owner of Mental Training Plan. Ben offers 13 years of experience on the field and in the classroom specializing on the psychological side of sports. Through Mental Training Ben assists athletes in overcoming obstacles that can paralyze the mind. If you have questions for Coach Carnes or about the program, Ben can be reached by email at ben@mentaltrainingplan.com.

Why is Parent University sharing this resource? Mental Health is key to the success of our students socially, emotionally, and academically. We are providing parents access to resources that can strengthen our students on the field, and the classroom impacts our student’s mental health balance. You can learn more about this resource by visiting https://www.mentaltrainingplan.com/.


We use cognitive brain science to help athletes gain an edge over their opponents by developing Customized Training Plans.

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