CLUBS @ WWS – Something For Everyone!

Why join a club at WWS? Joining student clubs and organizations connects you to new friends, teaches leadership skills, and ready for it to have FUN! Parents encourage your student to connect with a club! All Westfield Schools have something to offer everyone! Students’ involvement in a club extends beyond the club itself!

If you were hoping your student would …

  • Discover their leadership skills
  • Expand their soft skills (people skills)
  • Uncover hidden talents
  • Take a break
  • Give back to the community
  • Learn to network
  • Expand their circle of friends
  • Have fun

Westfield High School

2020-2021 WHS Club Resource Guide

HELP THEM FIND A CLUB. Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement.

  • How do I get my student involved?   At WHS you can select from a large variety of clubs.   Click here to access the 2020-2021 WHS Club Resource Guide.   Club meetings are shared via Announcements.   In general, clubs meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, starting at 2:49, after the 5th-period bell.   
It doesn’t matter if you do not see a club that interests you; you can start your own!

Keep in mind that you will need a faculty sponsor, as well as other interested students who will join your club.

Click here to fill out the New Club form. 

In general, clubs meet on Fridays during CORE time. We encourage students to explore as many clubs as they would like, but it is vital to choose one or two and really commit to those clubs. We believe that students can have more impact when they are invested at a deeper level. Studies indicate that those students who are involved develop stronger leadership skills, work ethic, and academic preparedness. Clubs and activities are what make high school memorable, so what are you waiting for? Get involved today! Should you have questions or need assistance with a club, please feel free to email Mrs. Gibbs [email protected] or stop by the Learning Center during lunch and chat with Mrs. Gibbs. We are here to help you find authentic, rewarding connections. Let’s make this a great year!

Have questions?   

Westfield Middle School

At WMS you can select from the array of options, click here to find what interests your student   CLICK HERE  for the WMS Club List and contact information.  Getting involved ranges from  Book Club, Cooking, Fitness, to an Elite Gaming Club.   Find your passion and explore the possibilities.

Westfield Intermediate School

At WIS yes, you can get involved!  Some of the opportunities are listed below: 

  • Spell Bowl
  • Math Bowl
  • Robotics

WIS offers different clubs throughout the school year.  Clubs are advertised on the Daily Student News Morning Announcements.  If your student is interested in joining a club, please advise them to pay close attention to the announcements. During the 2020-2021 school year, WIS will host Spell Bowl, Math Bowl & Robotics for clubs.  We will post specific details about these clubs when available.  At this time, these are the only before/after school clubs we have planned.

You can view announcements here: WIS Student News

Westfield Elementary School

WWS Elementary School, we have clubs for you too! Check with your PTO’s and school newsletters for enrichment offerings!