5 non-tech holiday gifts for kids and teens


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Give the gift of unplugging.

What’s on your child’s holiday wish list? Are they asking for the latest smartphone, the newest tablet, or a brand-new video game? How about permission to download an app they’ve wanted to try? Kids and teens are so connected that they know more about technology than their parents.

Children and teens are growing up in a time where they have access to so much information. They’re learning how to use devices at a very young age. The Vision Council reported that more than 70% of parents said that their child engages in more than two hours of screen time daily.

Naturally, you may think that a smartphone or tablet would make the best gift. While these devices certainly have their advantages, children and teens must learn to unplug and enjoy the non-tech aspects of life. Too much screen time can lead to issues like obesity, sleep deprivation, and behavior problems.

Here are five great non-tech holiday gift ideas for kids and teens.

1. Books for all ages

Reading a physical book might seem like a rare sight these days, but they hold a precious value. Reading is a skill you will always need, no matter how digital the world becomes. Sharing the gift of reading with your child has many benefits. It also keeps their minds sharp and broadens their imaginations.

For small children, try books that have fun colors, big pictures, and different textures. For older kids and teens, give books that are engaging and challenge their reading skills. Series are also fun to read.

2. Board games for the family

Remember when you and your siblings used to play Monopoly? Introduce those games to your kids. Video games aren’t the only way to have fun. Board games like Connect Four, Operation, and Scrabble can really bring the family together. There are tons of games to choose from for different age groups. It’s a great way to unplug and take time away from your devices.

3. The gift of imagination and creativity

Legos have been a hit with kids for decades, and they keep getting better. They now come in more sizes to accommodate kids of all ages. They have all the favorite characters. They even have Lego Friends for girls. Legos encourage creativity, coordination, and they help build your child’s motor skills. Just make sure they clean up after play. You don’t want to step on one in the middle of the night.

4. Concert and show tickets

Does your child have a favorite singer or a cartoon character they’d love to see in person? Tickets to concerts and shows make fantastic gifts for kids because they encourage family conversation and outings. It also allows parents to share in their child’s interests. It’s a memory they can cherish forever.

5. Give the gift of independence

Your child might not be old enough to drive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them a set of wheels. Bicycles are perfect for older kids and teens because it gets them outside, it’s an excellent way to get exercise, and it gives them just a little independence. So, the next time they need a ride to the store or their friend’s house, they can take themselves, as long as it’s not too far.

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