Purpose + Generosity = Purposity

We are excited to share that today we are launching a new partnership with Purposity! Purposity in an online way for us to support members of our community. The WWS counseling team enters items of need for our families – it could be new shoes, or a binder, or a warm coat – and active members can donate to purchase the item and help fulfill the need. 

What a meaningful way to be #wwsALLin!

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Friday, January 6, 2020, Westfield Washington Schools Parent University launched a partnership with Purposity, an app connecting users to help fulfill essential needs of Westfield students and neighbors.

The Purposity connection will help fulfill essential community needs within Westfield.

Purposity – Download the App!

“The holidays are a wonderful time of giving and generosity, but the needs of our community continue year-round,” said Ashley Knott, Rocks Family Experience Coordinator.  “Whether it is a pair of shoes, or a binder, we know our community has a giving heart and we want to support each other. Most items on the list are under $30, which make giving budget-friendly.”

Purposity, short for purpose + generosity, sends a weekly notification to users with a confidential need in their area. With just a few clicks, people can satisfy needs ranging from shoes and jackets for a local student to small household items for a family that lost their home in a fire.  No personal information will be connected to the needs. The app also features user profiles that track donors’ giving, allowing them to see their impact. Needs are uploaded by school counselors at Westfield Washington Schools. “We wanted to create a way for communities to connect and unite in a meaningful way,” stated Blake Canterbury, founder, and CEO. “Our belief is that if you knew your neighbor needed help, you’d help.” 

“Purposity provides our community with a great opportunity to help Westfield students and families actively contribute to the overall wellbeing of our neighbors,” said Kyle Miller, coordinator of social and emotional learning for  WWS. “We live in such a caring community, and Purposity opens a door for individuals to meet real-time, tangible needs for families facing life challenges.” 

To join the movement to support Westfield Washington Schools, download the app from the App Store or Google Play and be sure to follow Westfield Washington Schools the service launches once we have 250 active members!