Kids and Sugar

Shared by:  Advanced Nutrition teacher Nikki Warholic Heflin

Our WWS Advanced Nutrition students act as the dietician during our course, and we look in depth into reducing sugar in children’s menus/diets. Here are the foods the students consistently come up with that are highest in sugars that they feel most parents don’t realize (4g sugar on label = 1tsp sugar)

1. Yogurt- often the same as ice cream
2. Fruit Juices (grape juice has 10tsp per 8oz)
3. Fruit Snacks (not much actual fruit, low
nutritional value)
4. Smoothies (Naked Strawberry Banana
15oz has 15 tsp!!)
5. Sprite/Lemonade (almost 10tsp per 8oz)

American toddlers are eating more sugar than the maximum amount recommended for adults