Intentional steps for your Wellbeing

Spending time outside provides healing benefit.

Are you feeling exhausted and need help to reset? Apparently, there is a little secret that scientists have uncovered to help you. Spending intentional time outside can help to find you reset. Note, being intentional is more than just being outside. It consists of finding a location, connecting to that location, and returning multiple times within a week. The key is to act with intention.

“Taking walks in nature lowers anxiety and depression while boosting mood and well-being, a large-scale study published in Ecopsychology magazine, showed.

Scientists are also exploring how exposure to nature might result in lower risk of depression, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Exposure to natural environments lowers stress, including its physiological correlates of the “stress hormone” cortisol, heart rate, and blood pressure. By boosting mood, natural environments may also decrease inflammation at the cellular level. – – Harvard Business Review (8)

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