What is the Summer Slide?

Parents say summer reading helps their child during the school year mainly because it helps keep their kid’s brain active and that reading requires constant practice.

  • Despite conventional wisdom, six in 10 children ages 6–17 agree “I really enjoy reading books over the summer” (62%), with the main reasons being “I just enjoy reading” and “It’s a fun way to pass the time.”
  • While parents are more likely to see the value of summer reading, majorities of both kids (80%) and parents (96%) agree that summer reading will help the child during the school year. Parents say that summer reading is important because it keeps their child’s mind active and reading requires practice.
  • On average, kids read eight books over the summer; however one in five 12–17 year-olds and one in five kids in lower-income families do not read any books at all over the summer.
  • Nearly half of all parents with children ages 6–17 (48%) have heard of the summer slide—the loss of academic skills over the school break—with lower-income parents far less likely to have heard of this (38%). Teachers and schools are the number one source of this information.


Scholastic.com – Kids and Family Reading Report