Internet Awareness – Are you AWARE of some current dangers?

Screenagers recently shared an article about video gaming and it’s value due to the isolation our youth may be facing due to the pandemic. The article also discussed Twitch and Discord, video gaming platforms for conversation. Keeping both the positive and negative in mind leads us to question how to keep our child safe when gaming?


Are you familiar with Discord? (Discord, a platform for people to talk or write to each other in real-time.) What are the dangers and advantages for my youth to use this application?

Are you familiar with Twitch? (Twitch, the live streaming platform for gamers.) Twitch announced that it would be regulating the content from now on.

Both sites provide your gamer the opportunity to converse with players. Both sites will likely present your gamer with the intense conversation that you may want to know about.

To read the full article from Screenagers, click here