How Do I ENGAGE with my child’s school?

Don’t let COVID and the restrictions stop you from getting involved! At Westfield Washington Schools, we have many ways you can support your student. Reading at home, studying, coaching a team, or what about volunteering for your students Parent Teacher Organization. PTO’s provide support for ALL students and staff within our schools. PTO’s function thanks to AMAZING volunteers. COVID has created barriers, but your dedicated WWS PTO volunteers continue to do wonderful things.

Consider reaching out to your PTO. You do not have to be president to make a difference. Simply volunteering, supporting an event, or sometimes it’s as easy as sharing information with the communityt! The bottom line, PTO’s don’t exist without the Parent /Teacher combination. WWS PTO’s provide opportunities for programs, fun, and fiscal support.

How can you join the team?

Send an email, attend an event, follow their social media, or share an upcoming event/opportunity in support of students and stafff at your school.

2021-2022 WWS PTO Contact Information

Westfield High School (WHS) (Grades 9-12)

PTO President Jennifer Ryan – [email protected]

  • Website
  • WHS PTO Facebook & Twitter @whspto
  • Website:

Westfield Middle School (WMS) (Grades 7-8)

PTO President Scott Zabinsky – [email protected]

  • WMS PTO Website
  • WMS PTO Facebook @wimspto
  • Website:

Westfield Intermediate School (WIS) (Grades 5-6)

PTO President Scott Zabinsky – [email protected]

  • PTO Website
  • WMS PTO Facebook @wimspto
  • Website:

Carey Ridge Elementary School (CRES) (Grades PK-4)

PTO President Open

  • CRES PTO Website
  • CRES PTO Facebook
  • Website:

Maple Glen Elementary School (MGES) (grades PK-4)

PTO President Ali Hoover – [email protected]

  • PTO Website
  • MGES PTO Facebook @mgesptowestfield
  • Website:

Monon Trail Elementary School (MTES) (Grades PK-4)

PTO President Corey Miller/ Corrie –[email protected] / [email protected]

  • MTES PTO Website [email protected]
  • MTES PTO Facebook @monontrailpto
  • Website:

Oak Trace Elementary School (OTES) (Grades PK-4)

PTO President Nicole Holstein & Kelly Braun – [email protected] & [email protected]

  • OTES PTO Website
  • OTES PTO Facebook @otespto
  • Website:

Shamrock Spring Elementary School (SSES) (Grades K-4)

PTO President Allison Spalding – [email protected]

  • PTO Website
  • SSES PTO Facebook @ssespto
  • Website:

Washington Woods Elementary (WWES) (Grades K-4)

PTO President Whitney Carriger – [email protected]

  • WWES PTO Website
  • WWES PTO Facebook @wwespto
  • Website:

Westfield Washington School Central Office

1143 E 181st St. Westfield, Indiana 46074
Office: (317)-867-8000