What is S.E.L.?

What is S.E.L.?   How are we using it in our classrooms?

Dr. Chase Stinson, Director of Special Education and Student Services and Kyle Miller,  WWS Coordinator of Social & Emotional Learning shared details at our WWS Parent Unversity Workshop on August 1.     Attached is the powerpoint to help you learn more.  

What does it look like in our schools/classrooms…

  • School-wide K- 6 adoption of Life Goals, Life Lines, Seven Habits.
  • Power of 5 in grades 7-12.
  • H.S. Freshman mentor program.
  • Instructional strategies (collaboration, group work, brain breaks, etc.).
  • Mindfulness / Focused Attention Practices (i.e., breathing, understanding how to be present, monitor and adjust self-talk).
  • Calm corners / “De-Stress Den M.S.”
  • It goes beyond a “program” or a specific curriculum!!
  • Humanizing our interactions with each other.
  • “Building skills with our students so when they are 35, you would be o.k. living next door to them.”

Click here to access the PowerPoint What is S.E.L? And join us as we learn, teach and model S.E.L. in our daily lives.