Vaping/Juuling: What You Need to Know – Podcast.

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  • Episode 019 Vaping/Juuling: What You Need to Know

Craig, Juli and Jill sit welcome Stacy London, Program Coordinator for Breathe Easy Hamilton County. Stacy’s mission is to help educate and prevent tobacco use among all individuals. However, this episode focuses strongly on the spread of vaping and Juuling among teenagers. Tune in to hear what this is, how you can get educated and prevent this terrible product aimed right at teenagers.

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Meet Our Team: 

  • Mrs.  Julie Brown:  Mrs. Brown is the counselor for all students with last names A-G.  She has been at WMS since 2006. Previously, Mrs. Brown was a school counselor in Pike Township and taught elementary school in Center Grove and IPS. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, baking, crafting/decorating, shopping, and sleeping in whenever possible.


  • Mr.  Craig Spinner Mr. Spinner is the counselor for all students with last names H-O. He has been at WMS for over ten years.  Before that, Mr. Spinner taught in the English department at WHS.  And before that, he taught language arts at a year-round middle school in Pike Township.  He enjoys cycling, trying new foods, and helping students get to where they want to be.


  • Mrs.  Jill Yoder: Mrs. Yoder joins WMS for the 2018-19 school year and is the counselor for all students with last names P-Z.  She has been a school counselor for eight years and comes to us from Avon High school where she’s been a counselor for the past five years.  Mrs. Yoder has two daughters ages 3 & 7, and her husband is a teacher and football coach at Brownsburg High School. She loves to dance, sing, and spend time with family and friends.