Dr. Lori Desautels Week 7 COVID-19 Parent Care Video

Week Seven of COVID-19. Parent Self Care YouTube Video. Just Say it! Draw it! Write It! By Dr. Lori Desautels

Printable created to support Dr. Lori Desautels, Week Seven of COVID-19 Video, Just Say it!
  • 1. What are two images or pictures that pop up in your mind when you think of this pandemic?
  • 2. What are two ways ( through images or words) this pandemic has affected you and your family?
  • 3. How does our world feel different now than it was three months ago?
  • 4. We cannot see this invisible virus, but if you could, what does it remind you of, and how does it look? What are its colors, its lines, its images?
  • 5. If you could help create a better world as we go through this pandemic together, what is one change you would like to help create or see?

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If you are struggling, we want you to know that you are not alone.

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