What is Unconscious Bias?

Week 4 – What is Unconscious Bias?

An unconscious bias is just that. We are unaware we have a bias but it could be impacting our daily judgments or preferences at work, home, or in the community. Exploring examples of unconscious bias will provide more clarity to your personal bias. Understanding your bias will strengthen your ability to connect with others and support fair decision-making. Not all biases are bad. In fact, biases help us process information faster.

Resource Tool Box -What is Unconscious Bias?

We must first understand and explore our unconscious biases before we are able to consciously change them. We invite you to explore the resources below.   Find the format that supports your learning style or explore them all. We welcome your feedback via our google form or even a note sharing your insight on unconscious bias.

  • Short video – How we make decisions and how Unconscious Biases affect judgment?
  • Introduction – An Introduction to Unconscious Bias in a short video.
  • VideoRenee Navarro, PharmD, MD, Vice-Chancellor, Diversity, and Outreach welcomes you to UCSF’s initiative to address unconscious bias. UCSF offers the science connected to unconscious bias.
  • Podcast – Understanding Unconscious Bias with the help of a Podcast. 
  • Activity –  4 Steps for Busting Unconscious Bias.  A brainbuster to challenge your family. 
  • PDF/Infographic Unconscious Bias in a colorful, printable visual.  Print it!