What is Implicit and Explicit Bias? How are They Different?

Spend a minute with Scott Lidskin, Westfield High School Teacher, as he starts our conversation on Implicit & Explicit Bias.

Implicit bias is something that is unconscious- you don’t know you are doing it. An explicit bias is a conscious bias you are aware of. An implicit bias can transfer to an explicit bias when you’re consciously aware of your prejudice.  Join us for WEEK 5 of our Parent Series as we help explain how implicit bias and explicit bias occur in our daily lives.  

Resource Tool Box -What is Implicit and Explicit Bias? How are They Different?

Understanding the different types of biases is critical in order to engage in the work needed to extinguish these. We invite you to explore the resources below.   Find the format that supports your learning style or explore them all. We welcome your feedback via our google form or even a note about how your awareness of biases has changes this week.

  • Short video – Implicit Bias-TEDx to help you learn more about implicit bias and explicit bias. 
  • Introduction – Implicit Bias vs. Explicit Bias: What is the Difference?
  • Podcast – Implicit Bias in a Podcast.  
  • Activity –  What is your level of knowledge for implicit or explicit bias?  Take the test – Implicit Association Test (IAT) 

PDF/Infographic   Implicit Bias: I Know It Exists. Now What?

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