“Erika really helped me think through the sequencing of specific content and how that was being delivered, what types of practice activities were being given and when, and then how to quickly and effectively formatively assess their understanding in a way that BOTH helped me reduce my workload and get more intentional and time-sensitive data. “

Ali Campbell, WHS Spanish Teacher


After earning  BAs in English Education and Corporate Communication from Northern Illinois University, I began my education career teaching English at Byron High School in Byron,  Illinois.  Upon earning a Master of Arts in Teaching from Rockford University, I moved to the Westfield area where I have been teaching English 10 and 11 at WHS, acting as the English Department Content Area Director, and more recently working with students and teachers as a part-time Instructional Coach.  I enter each day energized as I close thirteen years of dedication to students.


My favorite part about coaching is having conversations about student learning and assessment with educators who strive to grow in their craft.  Knowing our focus is student centered, these discussions empower teachers to passionately serve students.