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“Coaching cycles are pivotal to both the students and teachers at WIS because they have such a positive impact on the structure and culture of the classroom. My coaching cycle has made me more confident in my abilities to push my students farther and challenge them each day. In addition to this, students are more engaged in small group work, they look forward to this time every day. My coaching cycle has made me a more confident teacher and it has made my students more engaged learners.”

-Emily Ratliff-


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2004 and earned my Master’s degree in Adult Education from Indiana University in 2009. My teaching career started in 7th grade English at Speedway Junior High before coming to Westfield Middle School in 2007. I was a 7th grade Language Arts teacher for three years and a 7th grade Literature & 8th grade Speech teacher for three years. This is my tenth year in a coaching type role in the district.


Partnering with the WIS staff and students provides all of us with opportunities to continually learn and improve to develop and grow our practices to maximize student growth!