Learning About Microaggressions
Nicole Newman, Westfield Washington Schools, Maple Glen Elementary School Counselor

Microaggressions are often unintentional social interactions that result in negative connotations for marginalized groups. Increased awareness and understanding of microaggressions is key to eliminating these acts. Join us for WEEK 6 of the WWS Parent Series to learn how microaggressions arise in daily lives. 

Resource Tool Box -Learning About Microaggressions

Being aware of our microaggressions is the first step in eliminating them. We invite you to explore the resources below.   Find the format that supports your learning style or explore them all. We welcome your feedback via our google form or even a note about how your awareness of microaggressions have changed this week.

  • Short video – Teenagers Discuss Microaggressions
  • Introduction -Life Lessons Take Two Steps Forward
  • Video –  Microaggressions in Everyday 
  • Podcast – Microaggressions Are A Big Deal: How to Talk Them Out and When to Walk Away
  • Activity – Working with others, your family, class, or friends will strengthen your value of this activity and expand your knowledge of Microaggressions. 
  • PDF/Infographic  Our Children and Microaggressions 
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